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Educational Agent

We are committed in providing valuable educational opportunities and information of educational institutions abroad for interested Japanese applicants.

We are focusing in promoting your strengths and unique characteristics to Japanese who are planning to pursue their goals abroad.

We can make sure that the qualified students will be sent to your institutions.

We are an official corporate member of “Ryugaku Kyokai”, which function as a moral support code for educational agents in Japan and in facilitating the examination for the counselors and seminar programs. With reference to the leading member agents , please click at the following Web site.

We can ensure that our counseling staffs have the qualifications and support that can assist motivating applicants to their goals. Because our staffs are all certified overseas study advisors and have had overseas study experiences and/or overseas work experiences.

We believe in the importance of support services for the students by considering their priorities. With the cooperation of your institution, we can assure that we will be able to maximize the uniqueness of every institution and match it every student’s need. In this concept, we can assure that we will be able to send qualified Japanese to your institution.

Contact us and we can fly directly to you